Katherine Cox & Matt McCarthy


We're a married screenwriting team who write character-driven narratives that examine relationships under extreme circumstances.We're horror fans and love to blend gore with guffaws in our scripts.You can find a selection of our work below. We'd be happy to send you a draft of anything you'd like to read.

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Dolls in the Walls

High-concept Supernatural Found Footage Short ScreenplayMarried vloggers awaken a supernatural presence while renovating their first home, forcing them to battle an army of dolls while creating the content their audience demands.• Finalist Austin Film Festival
• Semifinalist Screencraft Shorts
• Semifinalist Killer Shorts


Short ScreenplayA neurotic single woman attempts to move on from a bad first date, only to be haunted by his ubiquitous face.• Semifinalist HollyShorts Film Festival
• Second-Round Austin Film Festival

Yawning cat with three mouths. Image is pink and white. Retro font "Kitty's Like..." centered

Kitty's Like...

1-Page Short ScreenplayA couple attempt to interpret the emotions of their new cat, but are unprepared for what kitty actually has to say.• Semifinalist Killer Shorts Screenplay Competition

Noise Complaint (Optioned)

Short ScreenplayA disgruntled transcriptionist struggles to meet a deadline, as the noise pollution in her building infects her with madness.• Second Round Austin Film Festival
• Semifinalist Killer Shorts

Peek-A (coming soon)

Our first produced short horror screenplay!A movie theater employee working the closing shift is terrorized by a mysterious stranger who wants to play a game.


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